Our big WHY?

is in the name - it's YOU!
PowerYou Food PowerYou Food PowerYou Food
We care about YOU.
We emPOWER YOU to live healthy and happy.
We deeply believe in the fundamental right to highly quality food.
The way through a person’s heart is the stomach, right?
In this spirit we, Miryan and Harry, birthed our third child, PowerYou. (The first two are human.)
Changing the way we eat
has made our lives more joyful and energetic. So this is our way of bringing YOU onto the leather chair of our kitchen island.
Many times we have left the supermarket gangry
(grumpy and angry) because the snacks looked healthy, but none of them were - too much sugar or sugar components.
PowerYou Food PowerYou Food PowerYou Food
PowerYou is different.
This clean protein stick contains the highest quality raw material.
After 2 decades in the food industry
We know what we do - it’s our jam.