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Eat & get fit

With clean and lean protein

PowerYou meat sticks are a healthy snack that keeps you going without giving you a sugar crash. Ready to try the tastiest beef and prosciutto meat sticks out there?

beef sticks from PowerYou Food.

I coach UFC star Aleksandar Rakić and choose PowerYou 💪

Whether I’m playing with my son or in the octagon coaching UFC stars, PowerYou Sticks help me stay energized and healthy!

Roberto Pastuch | MMA Coach | Coach of top-5 UFC Light Heavyweight Aleksandar Rakić

Winning the Austrian championship was a dream come true! 🏆

PowerYou sticks taste extremely and they keep me energized during matches too, so they’re my go to when I need an intensity boost!

Manuel Lazic | ATP Tennis Player | Austrian U18 National Tennis Champion

My wife says only these words: THANK YOU!

I am now in control of what I eat (bye mood swings).

Wolfgang Hafner | Head Of Loans | Bankhaus Spängler

The stick is like my personal assistant for my abs.

I love it. I keep one in my drawer and one in my laptop bag.

Ernst Schönbichler | Board Member | E2 Communications Gmbh

Protein stick with natural protein of the best quality!

PowerYou is the ideal snack for every training session, tastes slightly spicy and it’s made in Austria.

OA Dr. Alexis Freitas F.E.B.S. | Specialist in surgery, European specialist in coloproctology | drfreitas.at

I need the right food for my hobbies and my profession

I love exercise, spending time with my family, and my job, so I need to have energy for all of these. This is why PowerYou is perfect for me.


As a professional tennis player I look for the smallest details

I strive to improve my tennis, but also to properly approach my life in general. I use PowerYou as an ideal snack between practices, matches, and especially during my travels. It tastes very good and is healthy at the same time.


There’s no magic wand for sugar cravings.

The next best thing? Snacking on PowerYou meat sticks to stay energized all day!

Our passion is to help you achieve your goals.

Energy from the best source for everyone!

Fuel your body and life with protein.

Avoid sugar crashes!

Meat sticks that contain quality ingredients.

Made and invented in Austria.

For a strong body and balanced mind.

Clean nutrients for your whole body.
Beef Stick
100% Austrian beef
and delicious spices.
Finding a tasty, delicious, and nutritious snack that’s clean and lean is not difficult thanks to our beef sticks.

7 grams of natural protein in every delicious PowerYou stick.

Stay energized, avoid chemicals, and forget chocolate cravings.
What’s in each beef stick?

100% Austrian smoked beef

50% protein – 7 grams in every stick!

Incredibly tasty blend of spices and flavors

How does it taste?

Our PowerYou sticks have a flavor that’s reminiscent of Italian bresaola, a soft texture, and a high nutrient content.

Prosciutto Stick
100% Austrian smoked meat
in a delicious prosciutto stick!
Whether you’re heading to the gym, on a road trip, or need a satisfying snack at your desk, our prosciutto sticks are here to power you up.

7 grams of clean protein in every stick with a low fat content.

Our irresistibly-flavored, protein-packed prosciutto meat stick.
What’s in each prosciutto stick?

100% Austrian smoked meat

50% protein – 7 more than grams in every stick!

Incredibly tasty blend of spices and flavors

How does it taste?

The flavor is in the name! Our prosciutto sticks taste like the finest Italian prosciutto because they are made from the best ingredients.

Upcoming competition?

Don’t get sleepy or lethargic!

Download our recovery plan and get to the top 💪⚡🫵

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's goooo!

Why choose PowerYou?

At PowerYou we’re passionate about delivering exceptional quality and taste in our meat sticks. So, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with a healthy, delicious, and practical snack that has less than 0.1 grams of sugar, is packed with protein, and has a lot of additional nutritional value.




No MSG or Artificial Flavors

Unique Smoke-Based Dehydration Process

Delicious flavors – Like Bresaola and Prosciutto!

Made from High-Quality Austrian Meat

Ideal Portion Size for Life On-the-Go


With 7 grams of clean protein in every portion, PowerYou meat sticks are designed to fuel your body with nutritious ingredients.


Enjoy a protein-rich snack with low-fat content, making it a smart choice for a balanced diet.


Our meat sticks are gluten-free, so they’re ideal for all food preferences and sensitivities.

No MSG or Artificial Flavors

We keep it natural, ensuring that our meat sticks are free from MSG and artificial flavors.

Unique Smoke-Based Dehydration Process

Our innovative process creates a unique smoky flavor and a tender meaty texture.

Delicious flavors – Like Bresaola and Prosciutto!

Indulge in the delightful taste of Italian bresaola with our beef sticks or the classic flavor of prosciutto with our meat sticks.

Made from High-Quality Austrian Meat

Experience the excellence of Austrian-raised beef and classic prosciutto in every bite.

Ideal Portion Size for Life On-the-Go

Our meat sticks are perfectly sized for your busy and active lifestyle. Grab a stick and keep moving!

Fuel your day with PowerYou and elevate your energy!

The PowerYou Purpose

High-Quality Ingredients

Unique Smoking Process

The PowerYou Purpose

PowerYou’s mission is so simple, it’s in our name. We want to empower every person through snacks that contribute to a healthy and happy life, ensuring that they have a clean source of nutrients to energize them throughout their day.

High-Quality Ingredients

Every single PowerYou stick is made from 100% Austrian meat. All the meat used in our sticks is grown following Austrian law surrounding agricultural best practices, which results in higher-quality meat than competitors.

Unique Smoking Process

Rather than following established methods, our founders opted for a unique liquid-smoke dehydration process. In addition to not requiring any chemicals, the dehydration process ensures that the meat maintains a tasty flavor and soft texture.